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  • 23 - 08 -2021
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In view of the recent spread of the COVID epidemic in our region, JINTE company has actively prevented the outbreak and spread of the epidemic within the company in accordance with the requirements of the country.

Masks, medicines, hand sanitizer and disinfectant were purchased, temperature measurement points were organized, and hand disinfection stations were installed. We also organized 24/7 medical staff. The Group is taking all necessary measures to comply with laws and best practices to provide safe working conditions.

We have developed a plan of organizational, sanitation and anti-epidemic measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. This has been implemented in all projects of the group:

1. All checkpoints have strengthened access control and installed modern thermal imaging cameras to measure the body temperature of workers.

2. In order to improve the immunity of workers and prevent diseases, foods containing vitamin C are added to the diet.

3. The company has carried out knowledge dissemination and preventive measures for the new crown virus.

4. Coronavirus training materials are used to raise awareness of the virus and necessary preventive measures.

5. The medical center of the group project is equipped with additional medicines, and office spaces, catering facilities and staff dormitories are regularly disinfected.

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